About Us

The Baton Rouge Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), a non-profit organization, was established in 1997.  

As of January 2020, our membership has grown to 400+ members with the majority of our members being certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). 

One of the tenets of PMI includes our focus on having members obtain and keep the globally recognized PMP certification.  

The PMI Baton Rouge Chapter holds monthly dinner meetings in Baton Rouge and Lafayette that contributes to our membership growth. 

We provide a variety of focused topics and speakers for:

  • Current PMPs who wish to continue their personal development while earning valuable Professional Development Units (PDUs) that help them to maintain their professional status
  • Individuals that have identified the importance of becoming a project management professional who wish to reap the benefits that the designation can bring to their projects and their customers 

People have been planning and managing projects since the dawn of civilization - erecting buildings, paving roads, writing laws, planting crops.

Over time, people learned that many of the techniques for controlling cost, meeting schedules, staffing, and managing risk can be used for any project.

To succeed in project management, you must manage these same key elements of your projects.

Develop your ability to manage:

  • Scope
  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Quality

To help you improve your abilities, the Baton Rouge Chapter conducts programs and seminars, and provides you opportunities to network with your peers from a wide range of industries.

Project management can be found in many industries today, from construction and information systems to healthcare, financial services, education and training.

Modern organizations find that project management provides many advantages, including improving the bottom line, getting projects completed on time, and with all the results promised.

Project management principles enable you to:

  • Establish measures of success
  • Ensure fast time-to-market
  • Enable customer focus & alignment
  • Put strategic plans into practice
  • Optimize the use of the organization's resources
  • Optimize value received vs project cost